Valeria Bianciotto


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2013 - Application Of Nonspecific Commercial AMF Inocula Results In Poor Mycorrhization In Camellia Japonica L. - Berruti A., Borriello R., Della Beffa M. T., Scariot V., Bianciotto V. - Symbiosis , 61:63-76
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  • 2013 - 454 Pyrosequencing Analysis of Fungal Assemblages from Geographically Distant, Disparate Soils Reveals Spatial Patterning and a Core Mycobiome in Diversity - Orgiazzi A., Bianciotto V., Bonfante P., Daghino S., Ghignone S., Lazzari A., Lumini E., Mello A., Napoli C., Perotto S., Vizzini A., Bagella S., Murat C., Girlanda M. - Diversity, 5:73-98
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  • 2011 - Combining novel monitoring tools and precision application technologies for integrated high-tech crop protection in the future (a discussion document) - Zijlstra C., Lund I., Justesen A.f, Mogens N., Jensen P.k., Bianciotto V., Posta K., Balestrini R., Przetakiewicz A., Czembor E., Van De Zande J. - Pest Management Science (Print), 67: 616-625
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  • 2008 - Interactions between engineered tomato plants expressing antifungal enzymes and nontarget fungi in the rhizosphere and phyllosphere - Girlanda M., Bianciotto V., Cappellazzo G.A., Casieri L., Bergero R., Martino E., Luppi A.M., Perotto S. - Fems Microbiology Letters , 288: 9-18