Research Topic “Methods in Disease Management: 2022” in Frontiers in Agronomy

The contributions to this collection will undergo peer-review. Novelty may vary, but the utility of a method or protocol must be evident. We welcome contributions covering all aspects of agronomy. Submissions will be handled by the team of Topic Editors.
This Research Topic welcomes:
• Methods: Describing either new or existing methods that are significantly improved or adapted for specific purposes. These manuscripts may include primary (original) data
• Perspectives on methods and protocols relevant for agronomy research.
• Reviews and mini-reviews of topical methods and protocols highlighting the important future directions of the field.
Editors: Monica Höfte, Omer Frenkel, Giovanni Bubici, Geert Jozej Willem Haesaert.
Submission Deadlines30 April 2022 Abstract31 July 2022 Manuscript