Trasferimento di protocolli per organismi da quarantena e nocivi e per la selezione di materiali sanitariamente migliorati per il vivaismo pugliese(PRODIQUAVI)

The project aims to highlight agri-food productions through the protection of the territory from the introduction and spread of pathogens of economic and quarantine importance
To achieve this goal, 4 activities (work packages) are planned:
WP1-Coordination: aimed to implement effective administrative and financial management in achieving the expected objectives.
WP2-Monitoring: aimed to controll the various project phases.
WP3-Project research activities: Constitution and conservation of mother plants of economically relevant varieties/species (3.1); Phytosanitary analysis of Mediterranean germplasm of nursery interest by high throughput sequencing (3.2) Validation and transfer of innovative diagnostic systems for the identification of harmful organisms (3.3); Validation and transfer of eco-sustainable multiplication and production protocols for “Mediterranean” species (3.4); Evaluation of the susceptibility of ornamental species to Xylella fastidiosa infections (3.5); Economic analysis (3.6); Environmental impact analysis (3.7)
WP4-Dissemination of results: transfer of results to operators in the sector, inspectors of the regional phytosanitary service, scientific community, both within the national territory and within the European Union.

Project Leader: Giuliana Loconsole
IPSP personnel: Angelantonio Minafra, Pasquale Saldarelli, Michela Chiumenti, Antonietta Campanale, Nicola Centorame, Valentina Tritto, Serena Amoia.
Start: 01/07/2020
End: 31/12/2022