FD_LAMPvett: Diagnostica tempestiva per il rilevamento del fitoplasma della Flavescenza Dorata della vite

The objective of the FD_LAMPvett project is to develop a rapid molecular LAMP technique for the early identification of the grapevine flavescence dorée (FD) phytoplasma. The developed LAMP technique will be compared with the LAMP protocols already identified for the detection of FD phytoplasma in infected grapevine plants. To evaluate the repeatability and reproducibility of the technique developed by different laboratories and operators, a fundamental aspect for the diagnosis of quarantine pathogens, ‘intra-laboratory’ and ‘inter-laboratory’ validations will be carried out, comparing already available and/or developed LAMP molecular assays. Furthermore, it is planned to apply the new LAMP diagnostic technique directly in the field, by various operators (technicians, grapevine producers).

Project Leader: Slavica Matic
IPSP personnel: Emanuela Noris, Chiara D’Errico.
Start: 15/12/2020
End: 04/12/2023