Cookie Policy (EU)


Cookies are text files that are stored on the computers of web users to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site and monitor its use.

We inform you that no personal data is acquired on purpose from this website. This website uses only technical cookies to allow correct navigation, with the aim of continuous improvement of the service. This site does not use profiling cookies.

Technical cookies in this website

User session cookies: these cookies are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed and their use is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers necessary for the safe and efficient browsing of this website;
Configuration cookies: for consent to the use of cookies.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting. Some IPSP web pages may also contain content from other sites like YouTube or Google Maps, which may set their own cookies. Also, if you share a link to an IPSP page, the service you share it on (for example, Facebook) may set a cookie on your browser. We have no control over third-party cookies.
The information on the processing and user consent are the responsibility of the providers of these services. These cookies can be rejected by the user, without any consequence for browsing on the IPSP websites.- You can turn them off, but not through us.


You can decide whether or not to accept cookies directly through the settings of your browser and prevent -for example- that third parties can install them. Through the browser ‘s preferences it is also possible to delete the cookies installed in the past, including the cookie for the consent to the installation of cookies by this website is saved.

You can find information on how to manage cookies directly in the browser you are using: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Windows Explorer, Opera, etc.