Abiotic and biotic stresses linked to global climate change (CLIMA)

CLIMA is the research activity that includes research addressing aspects of climate change by using molecular, biochemical, eco-physiological, phenotyping and artificial intelligence approaches. The topics of CLIMA are a) evolution of foliar development in response to environmental inputs; b) study of the impact of abiotic stresses on plants; c) optimization of water use and preventing desertification processes; d) study of invasive alien species (i.e. insects, bacteria, nematodes, fungi, viruses, viroids and weeds) that may invade agricultural and forestry systems and generate dramatic limitation to food production or threats natural ecosystems); e) study of recrudescent harmful species or species that have become harmful to agricultural and forestry systems due to the climate change and f) characterization and selection of biodiversity resilient to climate change.

Keywords: climate change, environmental stresses, drought, alien species, emerging and re-emerging species