Monitoraggio e gestione sostenibile di nematodi fitoparassiti su vite e mais (NemaGest – MBLab)

In the last decades, climate change contributes to further increase the economic damages caused by nematodes, both due to spreading of very harmful species such as root-knot nematodes (since mostly tropical species and well adapted to warmer environments), and the arrival of alien species not previously recorded in the area. With specific reference to the agricultural systems of the Lombardy region, crops currently, or potentially more exposed to nematode attacks seem to be corn and grapevine. Moreover, a careful monitoring of cropped areas allows more targeted and eco-sustainable control strategies, focused just to economically important species, whose population levels exceed the damage threshold.

Project leader: Francesca De Luca
Partecipanti IPSP: Elena Fanelli, Alberto Troccoli, Trifone D’Addabbo, Nicola Sasanelli.
Data inizio: April 2020
Data fine: April 2023