Technologies in plant protection (TECNO)

TECNO is the AR that aims at the development and implementation of technologies for the protection of plants (in agro-forestry, urban or natural environments) from biotic agents of damage, with the aim of reducing the use of pesticides and improving the quality of the environment. Thus, TECNO supports the competitiveness, sustainability and safety of the agro-food systems.

TECNO includes a) the development of bio-phyto-pharmaceuticals based on beneficial microorganisms, inducers of resistance, biological control agents, natural biocide substances, hormone-like compounds and metabolic activators of the plant immune system; b) development of monitoring techniques for pathogens, phytophages and weeds and integrated control; c) the use of physical, chemical and biological means for the containment of harmful biotic agents; d) the development and adoption of protocols for the prevention of disease outbreaks, including the selection and certification of propagation material; e) the selection and introduction into the environment of plants resistant or tolerant to harmful biotic agents; f) the evaluation of costs/benefits related to the application of innovative strategies to control pathogens; g) the evaluation of risks associated with the introduction of pests or of new biotic control agents and new available technologies including cis-genesis, editing, and other non-transgenic; h) dynamics of plant protection products and mitigation measures in the environment of introduction.

Keywords: natural antagonists, biocide molecules, genetic resistance, resistance elicitors, sustainable agriculture, sanitary selection