Unità di coordinamento e potenziamento delle attività di sorveglianza, ricerca, sperimentazione, monitoraggio e formazione in campo fitosanitario (URCoFi)

Globalization is a phenomenon that shows its effects also in the phytosanitary field, favoring the introduction and diffusion of new organisms harmful to the plants. To give rapid technical-scientific answers to the growing phytosanitary problems deriving from globalization, especially for regulated and newly introduced harmful organisms, it was considered useful to activate an institutional collaboration between the Campania Region and various scientific institutions. This collaboration is aimed at the joint execution of common tasks governed exclusively by the public interest in compliance with the legal competencies, in particular: for the Campania Region there is an interest in strengthening the surveillance activities of the territory through specific monitoring in comparisons of the main parasites and alien plants; for scientific partners, there is an interest in carrying out applied research on new phytosanitary emergencies and on other institutional activities of the Phytosanitary Service that deserve scientific insights.

Project Leader: Umberto Bernardo
IPSP personnel: Massimo Giorgini, Francesco Nugnes, Giuseppe Parrella, Michelina Ruocco.
Start: 2018
End: 2022