Testa Antonino


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Curriculum Vitae

1999-2002 post-Doctoral researcher at Department of Plant Pathology “The Ohio State University”, USA.
2003-2007 Research and Teaching position at the Institute of Biochemical Biotechnology, Polytechnic University of Marches based on the Project “Incentive for the return of scientists from abroad to Italy – Return of the Brains”, Italian Ministry of University and of Scientific and Technological Research.
2007-2022 Faculty, permanent position, at School of Biotechnological Sciences, University of Naples Federico II.
In May 2022, associate professor in plant pathology.

Microbiological and molecular characterization of oomycetes and fungi pathogens on crop and woody plants in natural ecosystems represent the continuous scientific activity.
The gene expression is analyzed attempting to elucidate the host/nonhost-parasitic interaction through the transcriptome study in the Phytophthora spp.-plant systems.
Fluorescent strains and mathematical models have been used in a novel technique for building simulations, which describe rain action on plant pathogens dispersion.
Microorganisms naturally selected in contaminated soils are identified and characterized specifically with regard to storage and degradation capacity of organic molecules and metal pollutants. The processing capacity of these substances by naturally selected microorganisms on contaminated substrates or allochthonous microorganisms with known degradation capacity was thus evaluated.
The improvement of the natural plant defenses, the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of products are pursued through the use of plant derivate by-products and symbionts.