Serrapica Rossella


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Curriculum Vitae

I am a food technologist with many years of experience in quality control and food safety. In parallel I dedicated myself to research activities through collaborations with the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II, in particular during my involvement in the training grant “Sequencing of the buffalo genome for the qualitative-quantitative improvement of agri-food production GENOBU, I carried out a training internship at the microbiology laboratory of the ISPAAM CNR in Portici. In particular, I isolated and characterized bacteria from milk and cheese samples, possible candidates as starters in dairy production. I also conducted in-depth analyzes on the antibiotic resistance (AbR) profile of such bacteria and their technological properties. Microbiology techniques: isolation, cultivation and conservation of microbial strains and bacteriophages of food origin, phenotypic and molecular characterization of microorganisms. Molecular biology techniques: extraction of nucleic acids from complex food matrices, traditional electrophoresis, characterization of chromosomal and plasmid DNA by PCR.
Since 2024, I am a research fellow under the scientific supervision of Dr. Francesco Nugnes within the URCoFi project. My activities mainly involve monitoring priority or quarantine insect species using different traps and attractants, along with samplings. Additionally, I am involved in insect identification using morpho-bio-molecular techniques with the aim of developing and implementing eco-sustainable strategies for their control. Among these, the rearing on natural and artificial diets of certain phytophagous insects and their own parasitoids (Ceratitis capitata, Aleurocanthus spiniferus, Baryscapus silvestrii), and field trials on different crops.