Santini Alberto

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Curriculum Vitae

 My main research interest is presently in invasion ecology. In particular I dedicate most of my time in studying biogeographic patterns and determinants of invasion by alien forest pathogens; in setting up early detection of invasive pathogens systems and tools; in evaluating the impact of climate change on pathogens invasion processes and in observing the constitution of new associations between native and alien organisms (insects and pathogens) and studying of pathogen population genetics by physio-morphological and molecular markers.
• My past experience was mainly based on breeding for resistance to pathogens, i.e. the selection of trees resistant to pathogens by controlled crossing and artificial inoculations. To this main target, many different issues attracted my interest as host-pathogen-environment interaction; genetic variability of disease resistance; mechanisms of resistance to pathogens; mechanisms of disease escape and studies on adaptive characters connected with resistance to pathogens.
• As a satellite work, different from pathology, but linked as different faces of the same coin I have spent time in studies relative to conservation and genomics of endangered species.

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