Buone pratiche per l’autocontrollo e la gestione fitosanitaria sostenibile nel vivaismo ornamentale (AUTOFITOVIV)

Aims of the project: push companies to adopt autonomous control criteria to avoid the introduction of alien and / or emerging pathogens and insects. To do this, we intend to draw up a list of those potentially associated with the ornamental species cultivated in the Pistoia district which, with the import nursery activities, could unknowingly be introduced into the territory. At the same time, it intends to establish the technical-scientific criteria and the methodologies to be adopted in the nursery, especially when introducing plant material from non-European countries, such as early diagnostic investigations using rapid molecular techniques (LAMP) and aerobiological analyzes of spores of pathogens present in the environment.


Project leader: Alberto Santini
IPSP personnel: Nicola Luchi, Duccio Migliorini, Emanuele Nigrone, Francesco Pecori, Alessia L. Pepori.
Start: 07/08/2018
End: 30/09/2022