Pirra Sara


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Curriculum Vitae

During my study path I learned the main abiotic, biological and ecological processes on which the ecosystems balance is based and how the latter are highly influenced by human activities.
My internship, carried out at the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences of the University of Bari, fits into this context; so, I had the opportunity to evaluate the effects of soil samples containing Rare Earths Elements (REE ) and solutions of some single elements (Nd, Ce and Y) on phytopathogenic fungi strains or biocontrol agents with soil habitus. This study point out a need to continue studies to characterize and monitor the REE presence in soils, also to establish any dangerous threshold values in different environments, as happens for heavy metals.

My research grant project is based on the study of the microbiome of Apulian saline soils, through metagenomics and culturomics approaches. The resistance of soil microbial communities to salinity and their ability to induce salinity tolerance in tomatoes will be evaluated.