Bertacca Sofia


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Curriculum Vitae

I obtained a master’s degree in Scienze delle Produzioni e delle Tecnologie Agrarie (LM-69) at University of Palermo, presenting an experimental thesis focused on the seed transmission of tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) and the evaluation of different disinfection methods on tomato seeds.
In 2021, I embarked on a doctoral research program in “Biodiversity in Agriculture and Forestry” at the same university, with research project centred on the ecology of viral agents affecting olive trees in the Mediterranean basin. Specifically, during the doctoral program, I conducted thorough research on two viruses belonging to the Closterovirus and Geminivirus genera, primarily focusing on analysing the dispersion and dynamics of transmission of these pathogens and developing rapid diagnostic protocols based on LAMP technology. Moreover, my academic journey has equipped me with advanced skills in diagnostic techniques and the management of viral plant diseases, encompassing both trees and vegetables.
From June 2024, I have served as a Research Fellow at CNR-IPSP in Turin, contributing to the research project titled “A Supplementary Diet as a Therapeutic Vaccine for Pancreatic Cancer”.