Mele Francesca

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Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, thesis title: “Effect of vitality on the accumulation of PAHs in lichen and moss transplants “at the plant biology laboratory of the University of Naples Federico II, (grade 110 and honours).
Post graduate trainee at Department of Biology within the European “Garanzia Giovani” program. Skills in the field of botany (e.g., moss bags technique), molecular biology (e.g., extraction of plant DNA, amplification of DNA by PCR, enzymatic assays (SOD and FRAP), extraction of protoplasts) were acquired.
I’m working, since 2018, as a research fellowship at CNR-IPSP of Portici on biological control and IPM, in particular on the interactions between beneficial fungi (Trichoderma spp) and P. vulgaris bean plants. Research activities include: determination of morphological and physiological parameters including rate germination, fresh weight of leaves and roots, analysis of the chlorophyll content, and identification of the volatiloma emitted by the plants during the interaction with fungi by means of mass spectrometry technique that uses the proton transfer reaction (PTR Qi-TOF) in real time.
In this last year, I have been involved on researches related to the Gnomoniopsis castaneae, the main causal agent of brown rot in Campania chestnut.
My work is on both field investigation (e.g., evaluation of the fruit shelf life) and molecular analyses of the genome of fungal isolates. The skills acquired were DNA extraction from fungi, DNA amplification by PCR, analysis of amplification products by agarose gel electrophoresis, purification of PCR products for sequencing, bioinformatics, and phylogenetic analysis of data.