Gualtieri Liberata

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Degree in FOOD AND TECNOLOGY SCIENCE at the Department of Food Science Agricultural Faculty of University of Naples “Federico II”. Thesis Title: “The sarcoplasmic fraction of buffalo meat: structural characterization and proteomic analysis during maturation process by mass spectrometry and PhD in SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF AGROFOOD PRODUCTIONS -24 ° cycle at UNIVERSITY OF NAPLES FEDERICO II, entitled “A proteomic approach for the characterization of typical meat products: definition of molecular markers of industrial and artisanal Naples-type salami”. During the years of my PhD I acquired autonomous skills to design and implementation of strategies of proteomic analysis using UV-visible, electrophoretic (SDS-PAGE), high resolution liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) techniques, coupled with mass spectrometry techniques (PTR-Qi-TOF-MS, MALDI TOF MS, GC / MS, LC-ESI MS, ESI MS / MS). The research activities at the CNR-IPSP involved the study of Genetic diversity of the population of some invasive exotic insects and the complex of indigenous parasitoids that have rapidly adapted to them, for the development of eco-sustainable protection protocols. These activities involved several lines of research: study of thelytokous eulophids (Leptocybe invasa, Quadrastichus mendeli, Neochrysocharis formosa) and their endosymbionts (Wolbachia, Cardinium, Rickettsia), which allowed me to acquire genomic analysis techniques (DNA extraction, DNA-PCR amplification, DNA electrophoresis on agarose gel). In the last years at CNR IPSP I have been dealing with the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real time, of microorganisms in vivo (plants, fungi, insects) by the mass spectrometry technique that uses the proton transfer reaction (PTR-Qi-TOF-MS) and analysis of gas exchange and fluorescence of plants using the portable analyser GFS3000 (WALZ) also verifying the priming effect of plant species resistant to pathogens against susceptible species.