Innovazione Tecnologica e Ambientale per la gestione dei trattamenti nella viticoltura eroica (ITACA)

In Italy, high-quality vines are frequently grown in small fields with slope steeper than 5–10%, where an air-blast sprayer is impractical. For this reason, spray-gun application of pesticides is used, a technique that is very costly and labour intensive, and that causes high pesticide exposure of the operators. A possible alternative is the use of fixed spraying systems.
Two fixed spraying systems were in vineyards in Valdobbiadene and Soave with the aim to evaluate the spray drift deposition pattern, the crop protection performances and the pesticides residues on grapes.
Results show fixed spraying systems have the potential to become an opportunity for vineyards on very steep slopes.

Project leader: Stefan Otto
IPSP personnel: Stefan Otto
Start: 01/01/2018
End: 31/04/2021