2018-A-289 Plant Health Bioinformatic Network (PHBN)

In the last decade, High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS), also referred to as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), has revolutionized biology and medicine. The technology allows DNA and RNA sequencing data to be generated in huge amounts at a very low cost, enabling the parallel processing of many samples. The resulting large amounts of data have led to the blooming of a relatively new field: computational biology or bioinformatics. In medicine, NGS-based tests for disease diagnostics are becoming part of routine practice, and plant disease diagnostics seems to follow this path, with virology as discipline with the furthest developments.
The Project aims to speed up the development of robust and accessible HTS-based diagnostic tools in plant health, by promoting exchange of expertise, collaboration and training, and support the creation of a European network of laboratories working on high throughput sequencing for plant pathogens diagnostics.

Work package leader: Laura Miozzi
IPSP personnel: Michela Chiumenti
Start: 01/04/2019
End: 30/03/2022