FlavescEnza DOrata: verso l’identificazione dei meccanismi di ResistenzA e/o tolleranza in vite (FEDORA)

Flavescence dorée (FD), a quarantine disease that afflicts the viticulture of Southern Europe, is a real threat to the regional economy. Since the management of FD is based exclusively on preventive control strategies that are both ecologically impacting (mandatory insecticide treatments) and expensive (elimination of infected plants and their replacement with certified plant material), the project aims to identify alternative and sustainable control strategies of the diseases, based on the identification of genes potentially involved in the resistance / tolerance of grapevine to FD.
In a previous project (RETrOFiD) possible genes involved in the host defense mechanism in response to FD were identified, operating on a model system. This Project will transfer and validate the results obtained with the model system (Arabidopsis thaliana) to grapevine (Vitis vinifera).


Project Leader: Sabrina Palmano
IPSP personnel: Marika Rossi, Luciana Galetto, Cristina Marzachì, Ivana Gribaudo, Flavio Veratti.
Start: 07/01/2021
End: 08/01/2023