Biocontrol of Xylella and its vector in olive trees for integrated pest management (BIOVEXO)

The BIOVEXO Project explores innovative biopesticides, which target the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa. Six candidate biocontrol solutions (bacterial strains, microbial metabolites, plant extracts, entomopathogenic fungus) acting either against X. fastidiosa or its vector will be tested within the BIOVEXO Project. These biopesticides will be evaluated for use in curative and preventive approaches of X. fastidiosa to control infections in olive and almond.
Following the small-scale on-field validation and improved formulation, the BIOVEXO Project aims to upscale production of best-performing biopesticides. A large pilot scale on-field validation of control strategies for integrated pest management, including a real-life evaluation in two major X. fastidiosa outbreak regions in Europe, Italy and Spain, will be conducted.


Project Leader: Pasquale Saldarelli
IPSP personnel: Maria Saponari, Massimiliano Morelli, Giuliana Loconsole, Donato Boscia, Pierfederico La Notte, Angelo De Stradis, Concetta Mottura, Danila Fiaschi, Nicola Centorame.
Start: 01/05/2020
End: 30/04/2025