The aim of the CRIREC project is to recover varieties of chrysanthemum in great demand from a commercial point of view, but which have now disappeared from the catalogs of both Dutch and Danish breeders; the varieties “Turner”, “Snowdon”, “Dilana” and “Spider” will be considered which, due to viral diseases and continuous agamic propagation, have, over time, lost the intrinsic positive characteristics of the variety.
At first, virus and viroid infection will be assessed in the varieties to be restored, using Next Generation Sequencing techniques, in order to obtain an exhaustive pathological picture; at this point, through the removal of the meristem combined with thermo/cryotherapy treatments, viral/viroidal inactivation will be induced and cloning will be carried out to obtain mother plants which, when properly cultivated, will maintain optimal health status for a long time.
Specific molecular diagnostic kits will also be prepared for the control of seedlings and mother plants.

Project Leader: Anna Maria Vaira
IPSP Personnel: Laura Miozzi, Daniele Marian, Concetta Mottura, Josè Saporita, Immacolata Nunziata, Pamela Incletoli
Start: 01/03/2021
End: 31/08/2022