Prevention and control of new and invasive geminiviruses infecting vegetables in the Mediterranean – PRIMA2018

The GeMed project is dedicated to the assessment of the phytopathological situation and the prevention of potentially dangerous invasive geminivirus infections in the Mediterranean area, with regard to cucurbit and tomato crops. The “circulating geminiviroma” will be evaluated through VEM technology applied to geminivirus vectors and on leaf samples collected in different areas of the Mediterranean. Data will be acquired on the life cycle and presence of vector insects and in particular of Orosius spp, leafhopper capable of transmitting the emerging CpCDV virus. The viruses under study will be the recombinants/resistance breaking of TYLCV, ToLCNDV, SqLCV and WmCSV, geminiviruses particularly dangerous for agriculture and currently in an invasive phase in Mediterranean areas. Conventional and sustainable methodologies and new molecular technologies (dsRNA vaccination) for the prevention of geminivirus infections will also be tested.

Project Leader: Anna Maria Vaira
IPSP personnel: Gian Paolo Accotto, Emanuela Noris, Laura Miozzi, Slavica Matic, Daniele Marian, Concetta Mottura, Josè Saporita, Danila Fiaschi, Daniela Cerro, Raffaella Manzo, Umberto Bernardo, Francesco Nugnes, Ettore Magaldi
Start: 01/10/2019
End: 30/09/2023