Brilli Federico

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Curriculum Vitae

Federico Brilli is a plant eco-physiologist. His research focuses on the mechanisms of plant primary (photosynthesis, photorespiration and respiration) and secondary metabolism involved in plant resistance and acclimation to biotic and abiotic stresses. Following his participation to European projects and his research experiences in international institutions, he has gained an interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding on the physiological and ecological roles of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in plant-plant and host-plant interaction (i.e. insects and microorganisms).
In particular, he is applying VOC in intercropping strategies for the sustainable improvement of plant productivity and defense. Moreover, he is exploiting the potential of VOC emissions as non-invasive and sensitive biomarkers of plant stress occurrence. Recently, he has widened his scientific interest to the physiological mechanisms of indoor plants (in ‘indoor ecosystems’), with the aim of optimizing air phytoremediation and make plants not only aesthetic but functional elements of interior design.

Projects leader of:
PRIN/MIUR 2017 (n. 2017N5LBZK): “A multidisciplinary approach to gain sustainable improvement of rice productivity through the co-cultivation with the fern Azolla and its cyanobacterial symbiont”.