Bartolini Paola

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Curriculum Vitae

I am a technical laboratory assistant, and in the last years I have collaborated with the Researchers of the IPSP Florence Unit within national and international research projects. My activity is focused on:

– preparation of growing media and isolation of fungal microrganisms from woody plants;Dna extraction form plant tissues; DNA amplification by using PCR and qPCR; Elelctrophoresis gel and purification of PCR products for DNA sequencing;

– quantification of antioxidant metabolites (ascorbic acid, proline, hydrogen peroxide, glutathione) and antioxidant enzymes by using  spectrophotometry;

– studying the modulation of the antioxidant and glyoxalate systems in citrus sp., tomato and rice plants exposed to abiotic stress by using spectrophotometric as well as SDS-PAGE;

– field plant sampling.

In the last years I have also provided methodological and technical support to undergraduates students in the IPSP laboratories.

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