Barberini Sara

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Curriculum Vitae

My research activity at IPSP CNR involves i) the study of biotic stresses in forest plants, ii) the genetic improvement programme for ornamentals and forest trees and iii) the conservation of biodiversity (plants and pathogenic fungi).

I am currently working on the pathosistem Cupressus sempervirens – Seiridium cardinale, using molecolar and biochemical tools to unravel the defence mechanisms involved in Cypress Canker Disease (CCD).

I am also interested in describing biodiversity and conservation of natural resources: an ongoing project is the in situ ed ex situ conservation of Abies nebrodensis (LIFE4FIR).

Regarding the genetic improvement program, I am skilled in in vitro culture techniques for plant transformation, genome editing, plant micropoppagation and cryopreservation.

An ongoing research prioject is the characterization and production of hypoallergenic cypress plants.