Atzori Giulia

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Curriculum Vitae

My research activity aims at studying the response of edible species to saline stress at the growth, physiological and at the biochemical level. The species under study are characterized by different degrees of salt tolerance, and most recently I focused on halophytic species that have naturally adapted to saline environments developing a series of mechanisms that allow a tolerance to saline concentrations up to 50% sea water. This research has a threefold objective: i) increasing food production by using marginal resources such as saline soil and water, that are not in competition with the resources already used in agriculture; ii) a potential nutritional enrichment of food products linked to the enhancement of the production of biochemical compounds which is observed in many plant species in response to salt stress; iii) phytoremediation of soils and preparation for crop rotations or intercropping with salt sensitive species, since many salt tolerant species show a high absorption capacity of sodium and chlorides at the root level.