Zampieri Elisa


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Curriculum Vitae

I am a III level Researcher since July 2020 at IPSP of Turin. MSc in Plant Biotechnology in 2006 and PhD in Biology and Biotechnology of Fungi in 2010, both at the University of Turin. During the PhD period and from 2010 to 2013, with a Post-Doc position by DBIOS, I have been involved in studies concerning both ecogenomics and genomics associated with truffles in presence of abiotic stresses. From 2013 to 2016, with a Post-Doc position at the Plant Pathology Unit of DISAFA, I worked both to evaluate the effects of invasive and native pathogenic fungi on ectomycorrhizal fungi and the impacts of invasive and native phytophagous insects on arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungi. From 2016 to 2020, as Researcher III fixed-term level at the CREA-CI of Vercelli I worked at the introgression of a salinity tolerance gene in national rice varieties through a back-cross approach assisted by molecular markers. I also dealt with the preparation of introgression lines of Oryza rufipogon in the genetic background of Vialone Nano and in developing lines carrying four blast resistance genes, in collaboration with a seed company. Within a project on organic rice, she dealt with evaluating the effectiveness of essential oils against Fusarium fujikuroi in seed dressing and verifying the response of rice in the presence of plant growth-promoting bacteria. My research interests range from genomics and transcriptomics of mycorrhizal fungi and agro-food plants, to molecular diagnostics and soil biodiversity.