Virome NGS analysis of pests and pathogens for plant protection (VIROPLANT)

The aim of VIROPLANT is to apply NGS technology and empirical biological experiments to develop new environmentally friendly virus-based control strategies to manage bacterial, fungal and insect vector-transmitted diseases (phytoplasmas and viruses) as well as insect pests. VIROPLANT will create a database of new viruses (and virus derived biotechnological products) to increase the arsenal for the control of plant diseases caused by the most important biotic stresses. Different NGS and bioinformatics approaches will be applied to explore the virome diversity, including latent infections that can be potentially exploited for new biocontrol strategies. Protocols of risk assessment will be implemented for virome-based model control strategies. VIROPLANT will address the social and gender-specific perception of the use of virome-based techniques as alternatives to traditional pesticides. A business plan for representative categories of virome-based control strategies will be included.

Project leader: Massimo Turina
IPSP personnel: Cristina Marzachì, Marina Ciuffo, Simona Abbà, Marta Vallino, Luciana Galetto, Marika Rossi, Andrea Delliri, Marco Chiapello