Di Prisco Gennaro

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Curriculum Vitae

Gennaro Di Prisco studies the ecosystem services of pollinators for the development of ecological and sustainable agriculture (IPSP4Pollinators). Specifically, he works with: monitoring the morpho-molecular biodiversity of the Apoidea insects in natural and agricultural ecosystems with the developing of agroecological techniques for the ecosystem services recovery; use of the honey bee to monitor environmental pollutants related to human activity (crop protection products, Particular matters, heavy metals, dioxins, etc.); study of the impact of environmental stressors, both biotic and abiotic, on honey bees with a biomolecular approach; study of the resilience of honey bees in the agroecosystems through the management of nutrition and the selection of native subspecies with re-wilding techniques and artificial insemination of queens.

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