Spettroscopia Raman accoppiata con dielettroforesi (Raman-DEP) per l’identificazione di virus e la valutazione di molecole antivirali (ViRaDEP)

The aim of the project is the development of a cell for dielectrophoresis (DEP) coupled to a Raman microscope for the characterization and diagnosis of viruses and the evaluation of antiviral molecules. DEP allows to concentrate the viral particles present in a sample. The subsequent analysis in Raman spectroscopy will allow to acquire characteristic spectra in a few minutes, providing a greater quantity of chemical information compared to the DEP alone or to the spectroscopic investigation alone. The instrumentation will be applied on different plant viruses.


Project Leader: Emanuela Noris
IPSP personnel: Slavica Matić, Chiara D’Errico, Marta Vallino, Marina Ciuffo, Daniele Marian.
Start: 06/10/2020
End: 05/10/2022