Veronico Pasqua

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Curriculum Vitae

My research activity mainly includes the study of susceptible and resistant responses of plants to phyto-parasitic nematodes even in conditions of abiotic stress and in response to susteinable and alternative approaches to the use of synthetic nematocides. In this context, I contributed to describe the effect of chemical inducers on the control of infestation of tomato plants by root-knot nematodes by analyzing the expression profiles of genes involved in the detoxification processes, defense and cell wall stiffening as a barrier to the invasion of the phyto-parasitic nematode. In recent years I have taken part in the study of the effects of abiotic stress (moderate water stress) on the tomato-root-knot nematode interaction Meloidogyne incognita and on the symbiotic relationship Rizophagus intraradices-tomato in the presence of M. incognita. The differential expression, analyzed by NGS techniques, of tomato and M. incognita genes in response to abiotic stress and to the symbiotic relationship with mycorrhiza has allowed to deepen the knowledge on the molecular basis involved in the parasitism and in the defence processes operated from the plant. A more recent research area in which I am involved concerns the production of libraries of “digital” phenotypes on durum wheat and tomato lines subjected to infection with endoparasitic nematodes, using a high-throughput phenomics platform.