“Grinzane-Cavour” grapevine germplasm collection

The germplasm collection field of Grinzane Cavour, located at the foot of the homonymous Castle,in the Barolo DOCG wine production area, is an open-air museum comprehending a wide diversity of current and ancient varieties.
All grape varieties from Piedmont are maintained, including those of limited distribution and use, as well as the endangered ones. There are also many grape cultivars from North-Western Italy, as well as regional, national and international varieties.
Among the collections devoted to the preservation and the study of local and neglected grape varieties it is among the largest and richest in diversity. On a surface of 1.2 hectares it includes 700 accessions (over 450 different cultivars). This ex-situ collection vineyard has a relevant value for ampelography, phenology, molecular and association genetic studies. Wider plots suitable for the production of small-scale wines were also established for several promising varieties.


(Referente: Dr. G. Gambino)