Sviluppo di strumenti innovativi per la protezione del peperone dall’avvizzimento maculato causato da virosi (ProPep)

The impact of Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) infection on pepper crops in Piedmont is considerable, as the cultivated varieties are generally susceptible to this virus and do not have specific resistance genes. TSWV is one of the most economically harmful viruses worldwide and its infection can lead to the total loss of crops, especially if the infection occurs early.
The project aims at investigating the use of exogenous dsRNAs associated with nanoparticles and essential oils to protect pepper crops from TSWV attack. The used approach is in line with a sustainable agriculture perspective, aimed at reducing the use of pesticides, considered a priority not only for Italy but for the entire European Community.
Project leader: Laura Miozzi
IPSP personnel: Anna Maria Vaira, Emanuela Noris, Gian Paolo Accotto, Daniele Marian
Start: 01/01/2019
End: 09/12/2021