Schloesser Rebekka


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Curriculum Vitae

My research interest is in forest pathology. I am interested in approaches for handling already established diseases in forests as well as in the prevention of initial introduction and spread.
My last position focused on Cryptostroma corticale, the causal agent of sooty bark disease. The aim of the project was to get a better understanding of the disease and its impact towards the forests to determine how to handle infected logs, as well as infected stands. An extensive endophyte analysis of living woody tissue of Acer pseuoplatanus (its main host) was done see whether C. corticale had an endophytic life stage, which was proven in the study.
Previously I have worked with diplodia tip blight disease and natural infection ways for greenhouse studies as well as with ash dieback assessing the phenology of ash trees to find potential correlations between damage degree and phenology.
Currently I am working with sentinel plantings, tracking their health status and assessing potential symptoms.