Compostaggio in situ per la tutela, la valorizzazione e la gestione Ecosostenibile dei Castagneti (PSR – CompoEcoCast)

The project aims at introducing logistic and process innovations, both agronomic and technological, in the chestnut ecoystem, relative to the management of c residues and therefore of the carbon cycle.
The protocol is founded on the preparation of ligno-cellulosic piles deriving from both crop residues of the chestnut (fallen hedgehogs, pruning residues) and from the cleaning of the undergrowth, for the production of quality compost
The project aim is thus the preservation and enhancement of the intrinsic biodiversity and the preservation of the biological fertility by improving the structure and suppressive activity of the soil, limiting the spread of pathogens and parasites and promoting the presence of natural antagonists. Ultimately, the project provides for the improvement of product quality, reducing the use of pesticides and mineral fertilizers and consequently the management costs.

Project Leader: Paolo Alfonso Pedata
IPSP personnel: Maurilia M. Monti; Umberto Bernardo.
Start: 01/09/2019
End: 30/06/2023