Olive Biodiversity for Saving Salento from Xylella (BIOSAVEX)

The Project will evaluate the response to natural infections of olive tree cultivars and clones of the cv Leccino to Xylella fastidiosa, for which there are field and molecular evidence indicating resistance to the bacterium. Transcriptomic and anatomo-physiology studies will be carried out in Leccino and in the susceptible cultivar Ogliarola salentina, aimed at evaluating the mechanisms of interaction and resistance / susceptibility to X. fastidiosa infections. Protocols for the management of olive orchards will also be implemented and validated to evaluate the use of the selected cultivars in different pedoclimatic environments of the Salento Peninsula. Rapid multiplication protocols of the olive plant material will be implemented and transferred through self-rooted and in vitro micropropagated plants. The activities will lead to the multiplication of the cultivars found to be more tolerant, in order to provide the olive and / or nursery farms a rapid supply of propagation material.


Project Leader: Pasquale Saldarelli
IPSP personnel: Maria Saponari, Giuliana Loconsole, Donato Boscia, Pierfederico La Notte, Angelantonio Minafra, Nicola Centorame.
Start: 25/06/2020
End: 24/06/2022