PROTECTION project aims: creation of innovative products, services and technologies to be applied in agriculture to promote the use of biological control and sustainable defense strategies.

General objectives:

  • Selection and application of novel natural bioformulates (i.e. based on microorganisms, or plants extracts) to improve crops production.
  • The implementation of appropriate methods for assessing the persistence of bioformulates.
  • The development, design and application of new diagnostic systems for the qualitative improvement of agro-food productions.
  • The application of plasma technologies to horticultural seeds for surface disinfection and performance improvement.

PI: Francesco Vinale
IPSP Units: IPSP Sede secondaria di Portici, Sede di Torino e Sede secondaria di Bari.
Other Participants : Spagro srl; Cosvitec scarl.
Starting date: 02/01/2018
End date: 31/12/2021 (10/06/2022 extension)