Figlioli Laura


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Curriculum Vitae

Degree in Biology at the Department of Biology of the University of Naples Federico II.
Research fellow, under the scientific responsibility of Dr. Francesco Nugnes.
Since 2019, with the URCoFi project in collaboration with the Phytosanitary Service of the Campania Region, I have been involved in activities aimed at the Identification of phytophagous pests, mainly invasive species, and the development of biological and integrated control programs of harmful insects for agricultural and forestry crops.
Activities include the planning of field monitoring networks with specific traps to study the presence, distribution and biological cycles of species of agricultural interest, particularly recently or feared alien phytophages such as species belonging to the Bactrocera dorsalis complex. These activities also include planning and setting up fruit sampling campaigns for the study of infestations in the field, cataloguing and management of incoming samples at CNR-IPSP laboratories.
I also deal with characterization through an integrated approach based on morphological, morphometric and molecular analyses. The latter, in particular, involve the study of informative portions of DNA at the species or population level to which the invasive capacity and harmfulness of the studied species is correlated.
I also perform technical support in the inspection of incoming plant material at the PIF of Naples and Salerno.