Panozzo Silvia

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Curriculum Vitae

My research activity concerns the study of weeds resistant to herbicides starting from the monitoring and confirmation of resistance through whole plant screening in a controlled environment (greenhouse), the characterization of resistance levels with dose-response experiments in semi-controlled environments, diagnosis of the resistance mechanisms using molecular biology tools and physiological and biochemical studies of weeds and their integrated management.
The main research fields where I work are: characterization and monitoring of herbicide resistance in summer weeds of maize and rice cropping systems (Echinochloa spp. and Sorghum halepense, Oryza sativa var. sylvatica, Digitaria sanguinalis and Panicum dichotomiflorum); monitoring of resistance evolution through quick test in vitro in different weed species (Lolium spp., Avena spp., Amaranthus spp.); study of physiology, biology and fitness penalties of weeds; study of resistance mechanisms, both target-site and non-target-site and the following development of molecular markers for herbicide resistance diagnosis (CAPS, dCAPS, PCR allele-specifica, DNA barcoding, LAMP e qPCR).
Monitoring and detection of resistance is done in collaboration with GIRE (Italian Herbicide Resistance Working Group) with whom I have collaborated since 2009 and national research projects (i.e. PSR), whereas herbicide resistance mechanisms studies are conducted within the context of projects with private companies producing herbicides (i.e. Bayer, Syngenta, Corteva) and European research projects (i.e. PURE, RELIUM).