Lumini Erica

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Curriculum Vitae

General research area: Environmental Microbiology
• Interaction between soil microbes (nitrogen-fixing actinomycetes; EM ectomycorrhizal fungi; arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, AMF) and plants of agricultural and forestry interest.
• Molecular characterization of symbiotic endobacteria and microorganisms associated with arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi.
• Molecular ecology, biodiversity and soil microbial networks (prokaryotes, eukaryotes) in natural and agroforestry ecosystems (soils subjected to land-use gradient).

In recent years her research has focused on the study of the biodiversity of soil microbial communities (fungi, bacteria) and in particular those of mycorrhizal arbuscular fungi (AMF) in natural and agricultural ecosystems. She participated in the genome sequencing and annotation project of Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum, endobacterium of AM fungi, and she is currently involved in metabarcoding analyses (on DNA and cDNA) of microbial communities in different ecosystems subjected to biotic and abiotic stress and different land uses.

In recent years she has been evaluating, within national and international projects, the potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as “bio-enhancers” of plants of agricultural interest in order to promote sustainable agricultural systems with lower environmental impact and the possibility of identifying and select taxonomic and functional indicators for a correct management of soil fertility in response to climate change.
Thanks to the skills acquired, he has established numerous collaborations with groups belonging to national and international institutions.


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