Legnaro Unit Laboratories


The Legnaro Unit has several laboratories and facilities for research activities:

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory. In this laboratory, analyzes on nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) are carried out to study molecular mechanisms underlying resistance and population genetics. The room is equipped with centrifuges, thermostatic bath, incubator, thermocycler, electrophoretic device and freezers (-80 ° C, -20 ° C) for the conservation of plant material and DNA / RNA.
  • Room for weed germination studies. The room is equipped with germination cabinet and stereomicroscope, thermal label printer and instrumentation for bare code reading.
  • Greenhouse and rooms equipped for plant growth, preparation and conduction of various experiments on weeds. Room with precision equipment for herbicide treatments and instrumentation for monitoring microclimatic parameters.
  • Cold room for storing weed seeds and equipment for cleaning the seeds. The Legnaro Unit has several hundred seed samples of herbicide resistant populations belonging to 22 weed species.

The Legnaro Unit has access to various facilities and equipment of the DAFNAE-University of Padua, many of which in the Experimental Farm.