Lazazzara Valentina


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Curriculum Vitae

Valentina graduated in biotechnology for the quality and safety of human food with a thesis in the field of functional genomics of fruit plants, where she applied a genetic transformation procedure to red raspberry (Rubus idaeus). During her Ph.D. obtained at BOKU University in Austria, Valentina identified and characterized organic volatile compounds (VOCs) produced by plants and microorganisms to inhibit phytopathogens. Subsequently, she contributed to the development of methods and the analysis of VOCs and amino acids of wines using CG-ToF-MS and HPLC-QqQ-MS techniques, with the intention of preserving their quality and typical characteristics. She worked as a researcher at the Fondazione Edmund Mach, where she characterized the role of VOCs produced by plants and microorganisms to develop sustainable methods for plant disease control. Valentina worked as research assistant at the Crop Science Research Center of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, where she contributed to the development of microbial biostimulants on tomato plants subjected to draught.
Her primary interest lies in plant metabolomics and physiopathology through the application of GC-MS and PTR-ToF-MS techniques to study the role of VOCs in the communication between plants and microorganisms for the defence of agriculturally relevant plants.