Gionni Alessandra


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Curriculum Vitae

I graduated in Science and technology of forest systems in 2020, at the University of Florence, arguing a thesis in forest pathology that aimed to verify, with the use of molecular probes, the presence of Lecanosticta acicola, Dothistroma septosporum and Dothistroma pini in the forests of North Eastern Italy.
I currently work as a research fellow within the EFSA – IASPP project (Innovative Approaches to Survey broadleaved tree Pests and Pathogens) which is focused on the development of a crop-based survey approach (development of protocols based on certain tools or strategies that can be used transversely for several organisms that are active simultaneously at a certain time of the year) for pests and pathogens affecting broadleaved trees.
My main task is to produce ‘Pest Survey Cards’, i.e. documents containing specific information on the biology, distribution, potential pathways of entry and methods of detection and identification of quarantine pathogens. The aim of the ‘Pest Survey Cards’ is to summarise the relevant pest specific information in order to assist EU Member States in planning annual or multi-annual surveys and to harmonise survey activities on quarantine pathogens.
In the laboratory, my research activity concerns the characterisation of pathogenic microorganisms of forest and ornamental plants using traditional and molecular techniques.