Ferrini Francesco

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Curriculum Vitae

Since 1998, the applicant’s research and experimentation activity has been concentrated in the nursery and urban green sectors. Initially, research was conducted aimed at developing systems to identify physiological stress on tree plants, to better understand the dynamics of their health. Subsequently, various nursery breeding techniques were evaluated for ornamental species, both shrubs and trees, in order to optimize cultivation practices to improve plant vitality.
A significant area of research has been the investigation of the biochemical basis of cross-tolerance and water stress in ornamental tree species, with the aim of developing strategies to improve plant tolerance to environmental stresses. The enhancement of the role of ornamental tree and shrub species in improving urban and peri-urban air quality was also explored, with particular attention to their ability to purify the air through the selection of species and genotypes adapted to the urban environment, considering challenges related to soil quality and water availability. Studies have been conducted on the relationship between plant foliage and the atmospheric environment, analyzing the ability of plants to retain or absorb pollutants, as well as their ability to emit ozone precursors. Furthermore, “good practices” have been determined to minimize the impacts resulting from the management of ornamental plants, to ensure the sustainability of gardening and maintenance practices. Studies have been conducted on the secondary metabolism of Mediterranean shrub species, exploring their potential for the production of medicinal and cosmetic active ingredients, opening new perspectives for the sustainable use of plant resources. Finally, the function of anthocyanins contained in the leaves of Mediterranean species and their potential applications in human health care were examined, highlighting the intersections between botanical research and natural medicine.