Colagiero Mariantonietta

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Curriculum Vitae

‎The most important research activities are focused on identifying natural antagonistic microorganisms, useful for the development of biocontrol methods, for a sustainable plants growth. In particular, the aim of this study is to identify the biodiversity and the interactions present in the microcosm represented of phytoparasitic nematodes, rhizosphere of the host plant and soil bacteria, to make information and knowledge available for the development of industrial applications for biological control.
The research activities are mainly carried out using metagenomic approaches, and include the study of the effects of climate change, chemical treatments and vegetation crop on the analyses of soil microbial biodiversity. The data and knowledge produced on the microbial biodiversity of the soil can also be used to estimate the quality and stability of the soil. Currently, the research concerns the study of metagenomic analysis of microorganisms present in the rhizosphere of banana plants, for the development of sustainable management methods for crops of the genus Musa.
In the last period, trought of laboratory activities, in vitro assays have been carried out to evaluate the dose dependent effects of specific nematicides on beneficial soil microorganisms.
In parallel, teaching and training activities are carried out for university students, as part of different projects.