Berto Hari


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Curriculum Vitae

I graduated in Forest Systems Science and Technology in 2023. I did a thesis in the field of phytopathology studying the fungus Biscogniauxia nummularia, the causal agent of carbonaceous canker of beech, carrying out field and laboratory investigations. I was able to collaborate with CNR-IPSP in the realization of the thesis with the opportunity to learn traditional and molecular diagnostic techniques, such as qPCR, starting from the isolation of the pathogen from asymptomatic woody tissues of beech to genetic analysis. In the thesis, ecophysiological aspects were addressed by applying instrumental surveys aimed at assessing the health status of the beech stands studied. Also as part of the thesis, I was able to take advantage of surveys conducted with a UAV to calculate some vegetation indices. I am currently placed as a research fellow at CNR-IPSP in the MONTANA project in collaboration with the University of Padua. In this project I find myself performing phytopathological survey tasks both in the field and in the laboratory, taking advantage of my practical knowledge of molecular diagnostics and DNA extraction.