Parisi Stefano


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Curriculum Vitae

Graduated in Science and Technology of Animal Production at the University of Naples Federico II with a thesis in the field of Plant Pathology entitled “Effects of Trichoderma spp. and harzianic acid on plants of zootechnical interest”, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Portici. The thesis path allowed me to learn various laboratory techniques including the processes of extraction and purification of metabolites extracted from mushrooms benefits with consequent application on plants. I am currently a scholarship holder at the IPSP, my research activity has the objective of identifying arthropods and other representatives of the decomposing microfauna present in plant biomass sent for composting at a molecular and morphological level. In addition, the mature compost is evaluated for its ability to induce direct and indirect defense mechanisms in selected plant-phytophagous systems (e.g. tomato and aphids).