Nicotera Mario


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Curriculum Vitae

Master’s Degree in Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology (LM-7) at the University of Perugia, with an experimental work of thesis carried out on Actinidia deliciosa calluses under vitro conditions and titled: ”In vitro effects of priming induction on calluses of Actinidia deliciosa var “Tomuri”” inside the “Laboratory of Micropropagation and in vitro Biotechnologies”-Department of Agronomical, Food and Environmental Sciences of Perugia (DSA3). Later winner of a research scholarship for the CREA-OFA of Acireale (CT) under the project Val.Ri.GeF. on the topic: ”micropropagarion of fruit accessions, olive and citrus and their conservation in vitro by using the slowe growth technique (Slow Growth)”. The purpose of the research was to adapt to the vitro conditions and at the same time preserve, endangered varieties from Sicily. Soon after employed at KWS SAAT SE & Co. KgaA in Einbeck, Germany, as a member of the “CS Team”, working inside the lab for the production (micropropagation) of double haploids from herbaceous plants. Right now involved in the research project:”Research actions for reducing the impact on agricultural and natural ecosystems of the harmful pathogen Xylella fastidiosa (REACH-XY)” for the following topic:”Application of NBT approaches (New Breeding Techniques) on woody plants”.