LIFE MycoRestore “Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive Mediterranean forests threatened by climate change – (LIFE MycoRestore (LIFE18 CCA/ES/001110)

LIFE MycoRestore aims to demonstrate the feasibility of sustainable forestry practices based on the use of mycological resources in Mediterranean forests in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The project (based on three main actions: MycoSylvicolture, MycoEconomy and MicoControl) will help to develop management methodologies to make forests more resistant to pest and disease, and will promote a more resource-efficient management approach of forests and the circular economy.


Project Leader: Gianni Della Rocca
IPSP personnel: Arcangela Frascella, Roberto Danti, Giovanni Emiliani, Sara Barberini, Stefano Secci.
Start: 01/07/2019
End: 30/04/2023